Funny: Kung Fu Panda

  • The opening dream sequence:
    Master Monkey: We should hang out.
    "Legendary Warrior": Agreed.
  • "I love Kung Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu...!"
  • The candle-blowing scene. Oogway has something important to tell Shifu, but decides to start blowing candles out... one... by... one. The only thing funnier than Oogway seemingly preparing to continue speaking only to keep blowing them out would have to be Shifu's understandably irritated expression.
  • Shortly after that, Shifu and Oogway contemplate who will receive the Dragon Scroll:
    Shifu: But who? Who is worthy to be entrusted with the secret to limitless power? To become...the Dragon Warrior?
    Oogway: I dunno.
  • On his first day of training, Po suggests they start with exercises suited to his level, like "level zero"; Shifu says there's no such thing. Later, Shifu gives an evaluation to Po's totally un-awesome display: "There is now a level zero."
  • After Po smashes the urn of whispering warriors, the collected souls moan every time Po nudges the pieces.
  • The acupuncture scene.
    • Especially at the end where Mantis admits that he MAY have stopped Po's heart!
  • Po's simple excuse of "getting a cookie" is priceless, as well as how surprised Shifu is by it.
    • "Don't tell Monkey."
    • It's made even more hilarious in the credit scenes; Monkey's looking for his almond cookies in the jar and finds them missing, while Po is outside, with the cookies in hand!
  • The bit where Mantis tries to hold the bridge ropes by himself.
    Mantis: Go! (grabs ropes, strains from holding them) AUGH, WHATWASITHINKING?!
  • (imitating Shifu) "You will never be the Dragon Warrior unless you lose 500 pounds and brush your teeth!"
  • "Ooohoohooohh! My tenders!"
  • Po tells his father, "Honestly, sometimes I can't believe I'm actually your son..." immediately followed up by "Po, I think it's time I told you something I should have told you a long time ago... the Secret Ingredient of my Secret Ingredient Soup!"
  • The chopstick fight.
    • Awesome part? The whole scene is a reference to an old Jackie Chan movie.
    • And at the end (after ALL the effort Po puts into trying to get the dumpling...):
    Po: I'm not hungry...Master.
  • "Skadoosh."
  • "It is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung! It is his!" (points dramatically to the empty space where Po was standing) "Where'd he go?" (cut to Po running away, screaming like a little girl).
  • The Hall of Warriors contains many revered kung fu artifacts but some of the things border on ridiculous:
  • Right at the very end:
    Po: Oh no! Don't die, Master Shifu!
    Shifu: I'm not dying, you idiot! ...I mean, Dragon Warrior. I am simply... at peace. Finally. At peace.
    Po: Oh. So... I should... stop talking?
    Shifu: If you can.
    Po: Oh. 'Kay. (long Beat) Wanna get something to eat?
    Shifu (with long-suffering sigh): Yah.
    • Especially with how his eyes go wide open, implying that's Shifu's also a Big Eater.
  • At the climax, Tai Lung hits Po with the nerve strike attack thingy and he keels over...only to start laughing when Tai Lung keeps punching him. "Stop it! I'm gonna pee! Don't!"
  • From the tie-in video game: Po is hopelessly lost in a desert while trying to get back to the Jade Palace. He comes across Tai Lung's secret training ground and comes across Tai Lung himself (either him or an illusion, it isn't made clear).
    Tai Lung: "Why have you come to my training ground?"
    Tai Lung stares at him for a moment, then shoves him off the platform they're standing on.
  • There's this bit near the end of Tai Lung's prison break. No dialogue, but it's still too funny for words.
    Commander Vachir: (growls)
    Tai Lung: (growls)
    Zeng: (squeaks)
  • In Po and Tai Lung's epic final battle, when Po tricks Tai Lung into biting his own tail. Cue adorable kitten squeak.
  • Tai Lung's sheer disbelief at Po being The Chosen One.
  • Tai Lung foreshadowing his eventual humiliation at the hands of Po: "What are you going to do, big guy? Sit on me?" Why yes. Yes, he is. Repeatedly. All the way down the stairs. For extra points, there is a loving slow-motion zoom at Tai Lung's shocked/pained/humiliated expression as Po squashes him at one point.
    Po: "Don't tempt me."