Funny / King of Dragon Pass
aka: The King Of Dragon Pass

  • Is a restless ghost bothering one of your people? You have the option of taking legal action against it. And that can work.
    Grimith: (while reading Clan Ring member suggestions) Conduct a lawsuit... *uncontrolled laughter* Conduct a lawsuit against the ghost; (picks the option) Our [lawspeaker] charged it with unlawful trespass, and a juror ruled against the ghost, who was forced-*uncontrolled laughter* WHAT!...Okay... I'll take it.
  • Tricksters can provide these. A classic example came in a Let's Play, where the clan chief completed the heroquest to form a tribe, but was injured in the process. Afterward, the clan Trickster became the acting chief. And when you first form a tribe, the default option is to name it after the chief...
    • Tricksters, and their patron god Eurmal, are generally Crazy Awesome. What can the Trickster do when your explorers find a Dragon's nest? Teach it to gamble and swindle wealth from it! That is, unless the dragon tricks the trickster and takes wealth from you.
  • You know how at least one of your ring likes to speak in useless aphorisms? The ghosts of your ancestors might actually threaten them in an attempt to get them to stop.
    • There's an event where your ancestors rise from their graves to condemn the behavior of your clan. If you can't think of anything bad you've done, try scolding them right back— they might sheepishly admit they can't think of anything, either, and back off.
  • It is entirely possible to get a ring noble who has an inexplicable hatred for and paranoia toward undead, trolls, or elves, even when they're not your ancestral enemy. As a result, everything s/he says will involve worrying about or preparing to fight that enemy, even when you're asking for something like farming advice.
  • One of the deeds your king must perform to impress the Feathered Horse Queen is to "mate with the earth". How is this achieved? By taking her words literally! The king actually drops his pants in a cave and fucks its wall. And if your diviners are powerful enough, they will advise you to do so! (A queen trying to impress the Luminous Stallion King does not get this option. Her diviners will tell her to take a new name and be symbolically reborn as the daughter of Kero Fin, although she can "enact a mating ritual" instead.)
  • Upon gaining favour with the tall, mysterious "Bronze Man" sent to test you, the man takes off his armor and reveals himself to be a dwarf. Just a bog-standard dwarf! And a rather pedantic one, at that. He apathetically notes down your clan's results and leaves without further ado. The leader has to shout after him to clarify the test's outcome.


Alternative Title(s): The King Of Dragon Pass