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Funny: Kekkaishi
  • Turns out the "Enemy" Yoshimori and Tokine just captured was just Masamori's squad. Good thing he came to save them in time
  • Tokine's reaction to cushioning Tobimaru's fall
  • From the episode "A Day In The Life Of Yoshimori": Yoshimori runs into a van while talking to Tokine instead of keeping his eyes on the road. His reaction when Tokine teases him for it?
    Yoshimori: (thinking) Oh, it's on now, illegally parked car! I'll metsu you, I'll erase you!
  • Every appearance of "Cakeman", Yoshi's initial choice for creating a Familiar.
  • At that, every appearance of Yoshi's ultimate shikigami, the "Noble Latin Man".
  • Episode 40 of has Yoshimori chasing after Tokiko throughout the city to convince her to take him to the Black Pampas Grass. After finally catching up to her, she refuses and tells Yoshimori to strengthen his powers, and that last part is anything but funny.
  • Episode 42 "Night Troops Arrive", Yoshimori feeling crowded when Masamori and the Night Troops stay in his house for awhile.
  • In the episode where Atora is introduced, the whole nine yards of it. Normally stoic Gen prancing in circles like a dog when he hears her voice and screaming to the ending where this exchange takes place.
    Yoshimori: So you really did take a bath with her huh?
    Hakabi: Any chance I could join you?
    Gen: *going beat red* JUST SHUT UP!!!
    Yoshimori: So it's true then.
    Hakabi: Ooh! I wanna hear all the details!

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