Funny: Kamen Rider Blade

  • Turns out Hirose Shiori had Super Strength way before Hina.
  • The Hyper Battle DVD. That is all.
  • Kazuma is fighting his clone, and his friends come to help... And fail miserably. Poor Kazuma gets shot in the butt and whapped on the head by his Mutsuki and Tachibana. This would be acceptable if not for the fact that his clone HAS A GODDAMN SCARF AROUND HIS NECK.
    Mutsuki: The fake one is this one! (*bops the real one)
    Kazuma: Mutsuki! What the hell was that for?!
    Tachibana (after Mutsuki apologizes): I can tell which one is the real one because I've known Kenzaki for so long. (aims for a bit) That's the impostor! (shoots the real one in the ass.
    '''Kazuma (rubbing his sorry butt while shaking his head in despair): Tachibana-san! That hurts!