Funny: Jurassic Park: Trespasser

  • The way the AI is can lead to MANY instances of this, such as sicking dinosaurs on other dinosaurs, tricking raptors into committing suicide, and various glitches in the dinosaur AI. The fact you're playing as a floating arm with floating cleavage doesn't help matters. You can also bash raptors with various items, including skulls and rocks. Really, when the game isn't making you making you shit your pants, it's making you laugh without mercy.
  • In A Lets Play of the game, on Level 2, the player, Research, decides to pick up a stick. The use of which becomes apparent when the voice diary of John Hammond. Once John says "Abra Cadabra", Research waves the stick in front of a Raptor. The Raptor notices and chases the player.
    "This guy is coming at me and I'm no Harry Potter."
  • Any time Research Indicates spends a minute or so detailing his plan of killing a group of raptors, only for it to go horribly wrong within the first few seconds. Bonus points for when he decides to go "all Metal Gear Solid on this level."