Funny / Josie and the Pussycats

  • From the film:
    "*GASP* You slept with him."
  • Melody steps out of the shower to find a threatening message written in lipstick on her shower: "BEWARE OF THE MUSIC". Her response? She draws a smiley face inside the 'O' and says "That's better!"
    • Earlier in the same scene, she's singing "If You're Happy And You Know It" in the shower, complete with hand claps. She's using a sponge at the same time, so she has to stop singing and pick the sponge back up every time she claps.
  • Les' verbal tic:
    "Du Jour means friendship!"
    "Du Jour means family..."
    "Du Jour means seat belts!"
  • During the opening song, Valerie is seen handing out food at a food drive. A guy hands her an opened box of cereal. She stares at the guy in disbelief. There's no dialogue over the song playing but you can clearly see her say "It's opened..."
  • Basically everything Melody says.
  • The throw-away line Breaking the Fourth Wall
    Alexander: You know what? I still don't understand why you're here.
    Alexandra: I'm here because I was in the comic book.
    Alexander: What?
    Alexandra: Nothing.