Funny / Joan of Arcadia

  • One time Joan's phone rings with stirring, inspirational music, like what would announce the arrival of a king...she looks at the caller ID and it clearly says "GOD."
    God: I thought so.
  • Before Joan believes she's actually talking to God, she's skeptical.
    God: about that?
    Joan: ...that's a tree.
    God: Let's see you make one.
  • From the pilot:
    Luke: What you do is you shoot these photons at this piece of paper-
    Joan: There's a pervert in the yard!
    Luke: -and a pervert appears in the yard!
  • "Wealth of Nations"
    Adam: You stole from the homeless?!
    Joan: I know I'm a terrible person.
    Adam: Yeah!
    Joan: Well, you weren't supposed to say that!
  • "Thanks for leaving a message with my father the rabbi saying you wanted to spend the night with me building a gun!"
  • "Don't scare the cripple! My fight or flight impulse is very confused!"
  • God appears in the form of twin girls...
    Joan: I thought we were going with monotheism.
    God Girls: I'm impressed you know what that is.