Heartwarming / Joan of Arcadia

  • Joan and Adam reconnecting in "Jump." The second Adam calls her "Jane" again, you know he's forgiven her.
  • Judith's efforts to set up Joan and Adam's date. The look of joy on her face when they finally set off is priceless and heartbreaking, considering what happens next
  • Leave it to this show to have a CMOH in the middle of a tearjerker. During "Friday Night," when everyone was upset and grieving, Friedman, who had just accidentally learned of Grace and Luke's relationship, tells them to "Just give it up. Hold hands or something" before he reaches over and puts Grace's hand in Luke's. Then he leans forward and hugs them both.
  • The episode "Silence", in which Joan is hospitalized for Lyme Disease and begins to think that God's appearances to her are merely hallucinations brought on by the disease. She is asking God to give her a sign, when every version of God who has appeared to her walks into her room, and they all stand around the bed, and are silent, as she is pleading with them to say something. They leave. She later falls asleep as cute-guy God walks into her room and gently touches her hair, while the episode fades out.