Funny / Jersey Boys

  • The band, after struggling to find a better name than "The Four Lovers", suddenly sees the neon letters of the local bowling alley "The Four Seasons" all light up...and proclaim: "It's a sign!" Also a Crowning Moment of Awesome at the same time.
  • The revelation that "Joey" is Joe Pesci.
    • Leading to this: When Gaudio thinks Joey's pulling his leg and says it's "very funny", the inevitable happens:
    Joey: Funny how?
  • When Crewe asks the group if the name "Four Seasons" is a reference to Vivaldi and Nick starts complaining about the guy stealing their idea.
  • How Gaudio gets the idea for their second hit:
    (The gang is watching "Ace In The Hole", Kirk Douglas slaps the heroine)
    Guys: OOOOOH!
    Tommy: Watch—I bet ya she cries!
    Crewe: No, no. Big girls don't cry.
    (Bob looks at him in epiphany as—)
    Song: BIG...GIRLS...DON'T...CRY!!!
  • The macho Tommy not getting the point of the title "Walk Like A Man"—leading the Transparent Closet Crewe to jump in, and then lampshade the Irony:
    Tommy: I don't get it.
    Bob: What don't you get, Tommy?
    Tommy: The title, "Walk Like A Man"...?
    Bob: ...So?
    Tommy: As opposed to what—a woman?
    Bob: No—it's for boys, Tommy—teenage boys. We're telling them to act like men!
    Tommy: Instead of like girls....
    Bob: Yeah, instead of likeno! Instead of like boys! C'mon, why're you doing this—
    Crewe: HEY-hey-hey—Miss Congeniality? It's a metaphor. It's an anthem for every guy who's ever been twisted around a girl's little finger—and if I'm explaining that to you, we're in trouble!
  • Clint Eastwood's Creator Cameo in the Gaudio watching an episode of Rawhide!
  • Tommy advises Frankie he's been the victim of a scam, but it's going to be OK, he'll take care of those guys who tried to pull a fast one on him. Frankie wants to know, "Are you going to call Gyp DeCarlo?" Tommy takes offense. "You don't bother Gyp DeCarlo for minor stuff like this. I said I'll take care of it!" Cue the Gilligan Cut at DeCarlo's place.
  • When the group is in jail after forgetting to pay a hotel bill:
    Tommy: Hey Nicky, remember when we couldn't get arrested?
    Bob: (from a separate cell) When was that, Tommy? When you were three?