Funny / Jekyll & Hyde

  • At their engagement party, Jekyll and Emma discuss unbearably snooty society matron Lady Beaconsfield:
    Jekyll: Is there a Lord Beaconsfield?
    Emma: He died thirty years ago.
    Jekyll: Sensible man.
  • Act II opens with Hyde killing the board members in creative ways and the Londoners gossiping about it, culminating in a surefire way to pin down HydeŚ-murdering him. It's even worse in productions where their prayer over Mass is "Take him and leave us lot here."
  • Hyde's black humor during "Murder, Murder."
    Hyde: Bad news from God, Teddy!
  • Just after the first transformation, Hyde wanders over to Jekyll's diary and writes in it.
    Hyde (scrawling in the notebook): Midnight. Unexpected development.
  • "In His Eyes," while serious, has a funny juxtaposition in the middle.
    Lisa: If I'm wise, I will walk away, and gladly...
    Lucy: But, sadly, I'm not wise!