Awesome / Jekyll & Hyde

  • Jekyll gets a good comeback in "Board of Governors" after Simon Stride mocks him.
    Jekyll: Dear Mr. Stride, I am simply a scientist
    I have a code to which I remain true!
    I don't presume to the stature of moralist
    I leave pretension like that, sir, to you!
  • Emma gets one when the snooty society matron Lady Beaconsfield comments on Jekyll lacking style.
    Emma: Comments on style shouldn't be made by those who have none!
  • Lisa/Emma telling off Stride when he demands she reconsider marrying Jekyll. At first she tries to let him down easy, but when he persists she yells at him while still remaining a proper lady.
  • Many of Jekyll's songs. The role is sort of a meta-awesome moment because it's so damned difficult.
  • The ending to Act 1. As Hyde's singing the reprise to "Alive!" he sets the bishop he just killed on fire. It's terrifying and epic.
  • The first version of "Alive!" while the show was still in its touring, pre-Broadway phase had a fight scene. Some versions and revivals keep it in.
  • "Confrontation". The way the actor manages to convincingly play both Jekyll and Hyde, to the point where you can almost forget that it's only one actor on stage instead of two, is phenomenal. It's probably the best way to verbally describe people suffering from a Split Personality.
    • Versions that have Hyde and Jekyll played by different actors tend to stage the song as a fight scene.
  • Done right, "In His Eyes" is a stunning duet.