Funny: Jeepers Creepers

  • After witnessing the Creeper eating the cop's tongue, we have this gem:
    Darry: (sarcastically imitating a potential phone call to the police) Hey, bum-fuck police, I'm being chased by a guy who likes to pull tongues out of severed heads with his teeth. Is there a special extension for that?
  • There's a great visual gag in the scene in which the Creeper eats the cop's tongue — In the background, a billboard for a delicatessen with the words "TASTES SO DARN GOOD!" can clearly be seen.
  • "Gay fever?"
  • The scene from the second film where the girls are trying - and just barely succeeding - to hide the fact that they're smoking. Then the coach driver steps out from her hiding place behind the tree and joins them.
  • After the siblings first encounter the Creeper (who at this point they assume to be a random asshole motorist):
    Trish: What the hell was his problem?!
    Darry: My first guess? (leaning out of the window) INBREEDIIING!