Fridge / Jeepers Creepers

  • Fridge Horror: okay, the first film ends with Darry getting his eyes eaten, while he's still alive. Well,back at the scene in the cafeteria, he entered Darry and Trish's car, and went for his clothes. It's somewhat implied that he maybe was sniffing Darry's underwear. Guess that the eyes weren't the only thing he was tearing off the boy at the end of the movie.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • How does a monster that could never remotely pass as human get a vanity license plate?
      • If he knows enough about auto-mechanics to soup his truck's engine up to the point of going 100mph, it's not unlikely that he knows how to make his own plates.
      • Or the Creeper might've killed some sports fanatic for whom "Beating U" was a statement of athletic victory, and loved the gag enough to steal their license plate along with whatever organ it liked.
    • If the monster has to eat parts of people to repair the corresponding parts of itself, then how is it supposed to repair damage to its wings?
      • In the second film, the Creeper replaces his ruined head with that of one of the students. The screeching appendage that grasps the new head and incorporates it into the Creeper's body implies that the Creeper is more than just an assemblage of human body parts that need replaced.
      • According to its page on The Other Wiki, the Creeper's wings and clawed hood are a separate, nigh-indestructible entity.
      • This particular piece of Fridge Horror just clicked for me when I watched number two again. The answer is right there if you look at it. The Creeper's wings are made out of human skin!
  • If Darla's head was never found according to the backstory, her headless body must have been left at the scene. So what's with the body with her head sewn on in the House of Pain? If the Creeper just attached it to a spare, headless, female body he had lying around, he just may have spent one of his previous hunting seasons wearing a female head!
    • Wait... what??? I legitimately cannot make sense of what I just read. Please explain.
    • Different troper here, but I think I can field this one. On the ride at the start of the first film the siblings tell a story about a prom couple that was lost and how they never found the ladies head. Which implies they found her body, which means that for the Creeper to have sewn the missing woman's head onto a body he would have had a spare female body to use. And then there's a logical step that says if the spare body was headless that the Creeper used the head like he did in the second movie where his heavily damaged head was completely replaced. Which means that for a hunting season the Creeper's head was a lady.
      • Or the re-headed victim was killed by decapitation, but the Creeper actually took something else from her, then stuck her head back on to make its corpse-mural more complete.
    • So who says the Creeper is male? Its humanoid portion is all borrowed from both sexes of victim; the wings-and-hood component could be male, female, both or neither. And its stolen parts evidently mutate enough to re-create its demonic appearance after a while, so the head it wore at the start of the first film may have been Darla's originally.
      • Right, I'm not really seeing the Fridge Logic here. The Creeper is referred to with male pronouns mostly because it looks generally male, but its body is actually a hodgepodge of random body parts taken from several different men and women. Most likely its head always looks like it does in the movie, which is masculine but so different from a human head that the difference between a typical male and female face would be pretty negligible compared to the difference between a human face and that thing. It would maybe look slightly narrower toward the chin if it were a "lady" Creeper, but that difference would be indistinguishable for the limited amount of time that you would see it before it killed you.

Fridge Brilliance:

  • In the sequel, the Creeper licks the school bus window, and its tongue is a shockingly-bright red, but otherwise normal. Of course it is: it's a newly-grown part that got replaced when it ate the cop's tongue a few days earlier in the original film, and it's still mostly human at this stage in the regeneration process!