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Fridge: Jeepers Creepers
  • Fridge Horror: okay, the first film ends with Darry getting his eyes eaten, while he's still alive. Well,back at the scene in the cafeteria, he entered Darry and Trish's car, and went for his clothes. It's somewhat implied that he maybe was sniffing Darry's underwear. Guess that the eyes weren't the only thing he was tearing off the boy at the end of the movie.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • How does a monster that could never remotely pass as human get a vanity license plate?
      • If he knows enough about auto-mechanics to soup his truck's engine up to the point of going 100mph, it's not unlikely that he knows how to make his own plates.
    • If the monster has to eat parts of people to repair the corresponding parts of itself, then how is it supposed to repair damage to its wings?
      • In the second film, the Creeper replaces his ruined head with that of one of the students. The screeching appendage that grasps the new head and incorporates it into the Creeper's body implies that the Creeper is more than just an assemblage of human body parts that need replaced.
      • According to its page on The Other Wiki, the Creeper's wings and clawed hood are a separate, nigh-indestructible entity.
      • This particular piece of Fridge Horror just clicked for me when I watched number two again. The answer is right there if you look at it. The Creeper's wings are made out of human skin!
    • If Darla's head was never found according to the backstory, her headless body must have been left at the scene. So what's with the body with her head sewn on in the House of Pain? If the Creeper just attached it to a spare, headless, female body he had lying around, he just may have spent one of his previous hunting seasons wearing a female head!
    • Wait... what??? I legitimately cannot make sense of what I just read. Please explain.

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