Funny / Hollywood Homicide

  • The entire interrogation scene of Calden and Gavilan.
  • While chasing down the bad guys, Calden commandeers a van being driven by a woman taking her kids home. Given how fast Calden drives the van, the kids start to worry, and Calden's attempts at reassurance don't go well.
    Van Family Son: (crying) We're gonna die. I know we're going to die.
    Calden: (philosophically) Yes, actually. We, we will die.
    Van Family Mother: (horrified) No, you're not going to die.
  • Gavilan finds out Calden moonlights as a yoga teacher, and Calden insists he's not in it for the sex, he just really believes in the philosophy. As he says this, a few of his more attractive students walk by, he says goodbye to them; as Gavilan looks at him, Calden admits, "Okay, I got into it for the sex, but it's not about that anymore."
  • Gavilan and Calden come upon the crime scene at the beginning of the movie:
    Calden: Well, what do you think?