Funny / Hey Dude!

  • Near the end of "No More Mr. Nice Guy", Buddy keeps making howling noises to the gang's annoyance. At the end of the closing credits, there's always a coyote howl. But in this episode, it follows with the gang telling Buddy to stop it.
  • In "The Competition":
    Brad: Got your water. Got your pack. Got your [pulls out a rubber snake] SNAKE!
  • The episode with the handcuffs.
    "Ow! What was that for!"
    "I had a leg spasm."
    "Ow! What was that for?"
    "Leg spasm. ... OW! What was that for!"
    "You gave me a stomach cramp."
  • In "Battle of the Sexes", when Ted and Danny can't seem to catch a fish, Ted asks Danny if his people had any special "Indian tricks" for catching fish. Danny says there was a "special thing" they did when they wanted fish...they went to the store and bought it. Ted decides this will work because the contest rules stated "whoever gets the most fish" not whoever catches the most fish.
  • A Man Named Ted