Funny / Harry Partridge

  • Harry has contributed his talents to crafting an 80's cartoon version of the Mass Effect universe. Three words: Wrex on keytar.
    • That whole video is glorious.
    • "Watch out, here come the Reapers! MASS EFFECT!"
    • Miranda's infamous ass-shot is reproduced.
  • In Starbarians 1.5, Hogstrong finding out that he and Killgar are more wanted than the guy they were trying to collect a bounty on.
    Hogstrong: Starbarians, wanted on 120 systems for coercion, extortion, extinctions, distortions, desertions, perversions, illegal insertions, invasions of nations, space tax evasion, commotions, explosions, and...loitering!?
  • Pretty much the entirety of Dr. Bees.
    Man: It's a bird!
    Woman: It's a plane!
    Dr. Bees: It is a plane! And the plane is carrying Dr. Bees!!!
    • "Later, that VERY SAME BEE!"
    • Its follow-up, #CHANGETHEBEES, which serves as a jab to #changethecover:
    Boss: (at Dr. Bee's revision from the original cover simply portraying a woman getting stung by bees) No, no, NO! The problem with the cover cannot be solved by adding yet more bees, plus actual live bees, plus actual live women getting stung by those bees! CHANGE IT!
  • From "Michael the Terrible Boyfriend," we have the title character thinking of a way to sneak into his girlfriend's house without her parents, who don't like him, knowing. A pizza delivery man arrives and Michael eyes the spare uniforms in the mans truck. He looks at the audience and says "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and then it cuts to the girlfriend in her room and Michael breaks through the window riding a pterodactyl which eats the girl and destroys her room while Michael looks on with Dissonant Serenity.
  • "Saturday Morning Watchmen" is a hilariously over-the-top hypothesis of the butchering the original comic would most likely go through if it were ever adapted into a children's animated cartoon.
  • The brutal honesty of Ted Gier in "A kickstarter video" :
    Ted Gier: So what Kickstarter is going to help me make exactly ? (Beat) A BIG FUCKING PILE OF MONEY !!!"
  • Hitler and His Talking Vagina. Just... just... wow.
  • Stephen The Lesbian, in all of it's glorious, stream-of-consciousness insanity.