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Funny: Happy Wheels
  • There's three different ratings for replays, one of which is "humor." That said, if you find things like this to be Bloody Hilarious, there are endless possibilities for laughs. Also, someone with that sense of humor will be laughing the whole day when they first find out about the game.
  • On certain stair-based levels, if the character's body is cut in half, but is still connected by the intestines, you can get a bizarrely morbid and hilarious slinky effect.
  • On the level, "harpoon catch", you use a harpoon to stab an old man, before falling onto the finish line. When this troper fell onto the finish line, his entire body just split into bit, while the old man was completely okay. What did he say? "Ow, mah leg."
  • Due to the way the Pogostick Man's physics works, he can achieve some of the most precise locomotion in the game by just slamming his face into the ground and "cartwheel" forward or backward.
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