Funny / Halo: Combat Evolved

  • The physics engine in Halo: CE can be really silly at times.
    • An enemy hit with a vehicle will result in a One-Hit Kill, no matter how tough that enemy is or how fast the vehicle is travelling. This can lead to hilarious situations such as slightly nudging Hunters with the lightweight Ghost and instantly killing them.
      • One time I was crossing one of the bridges on Assault on the Control Room, and I got to the part where there's an Elite Zealot on the other side of a short wall. I toss a grenade over the wall and The Elite dodges sideways, diving behind a Shade turret in the corner. The grenade goes off and sends the Shade barreling through the Elite (squashing him flat) and falling over the side.
  • Upon freeing several imprisoned marines alongside Captain Keyes, who reveals information about what Halo is that he overheard from his stay in prison, Keyes gives out orders to find Halo's control room while the rest listen silently before moving out. The chapter name however: