Funny: Halloweentown

  • "Being normal is vastly overrated."
  • When Gwen and her mother argue about magic. While Aggie zaps the fried chicken into a live one.
    Aggie Cromwell: Leftovers, when you should know that chicken tastes better when it's back on the bone.
  • Benny the cabby guy often has a pun or two to spare. In the first film, he has the voice of Rino Romano, so it's even funnier.
  • The scene when Marnie compares herself and her siblings to coach-potato's.
    Gwen: I'm just trying to protect you.
    Marnie: Yeah, you're protecting us from being anything but a bunch of vegetables. (sits down) Hey look! I'm a potato, are you happy now? Maybe I'll put down some roots in the carpet. (mockingly) Oh no Marie, it's too dangerous! There're things about vegetables that YOU don't understand.
  • In the third movie, Marnie gets annoyed with Dylan and magically sticks him to the ceiling. The next morning, he has a crick in his neck. When asked if he's all right, he gives the following response: