Funny / Grown Ups

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    Grown Ups 

  • "Bet you five bucks he drops to one knee." And the group laughter that ensues. And Spade's buzzer noise immediately afterwards.
  • Granny overboard! (200 points)
  • "I wanna get chocolate wasted!" Said by Lenny's adorable young daughter.
  • Deanne getting doused with Sally's breast milk. Direct from the breast.
    Deanne: It's actually not that bad.
  • Kurt's constant riffing on his mother-in-law. Especially the outtake when he said she looked like Red Foxx.
  • Kurt and Malcolm having an argument about being the only black guy in town.
  • The game of "arrow roulette." The slow-motion scene during it is hilarious.
  • "Those can't be your daughters. That one, definitely. She's fugly, just like you!"

    Grown Ups 2 
  • Taking your driver's test while intoxicated!? Minus 5 points. Said by Steve Buscemi.
  • Worth the price of admission? Seeing Shaq throw a guy over a house!
    • And then see him immediately berated by his "big" brother (played by Tim Meadows, who is easily a foot shorter and hundred pounds lighter).