Funny / Gordy

  • The footage of Jessica's commercials.
  • "Go play your banjo, Goober!"
  • The crossdressing thief wearing pantyhose on his head.
  • Five words: Pig Power in the House.
  • The brief scene at the end of the movie where the entire animal family, plus Jessica, Luke, and their kids, are all at Meadowbrook Farm, which Royce Industries just happened to purchase. For a few seconds, you can see Cousin Jake grilling—then burning—meat. Doesn't that seem a little odd considering we just spent a climactic scene rescuing seven pigs from a processing plant?
  • Gordy immediately failing to watch over his family right after he promises his father. He just goes back to the farm and hears "Sorry, your family got taken while you were gone".
  • Jennie Sue calling Gordy "Pinky". He doesn't take it well.
  • Gordy rescuing Hanky from the pool. Heroic as it may be, it is also so bizarre that it comes back to being funny.