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Funny: Gone with the Wind
  • "Has the war started?"
  • "And you, Mrs. Hamilton, I know just how much that means to you."
  • Pretty much all of Rhett's snark in the book.
  • Some of Dr. Mead's snarkerisms against his wife.
    Good heavens, Mrs. Mead, this is war not a garden party!
    Mrs. Mead, behave yourself!
    Mrs. Mead asking what Belle Watling's house looked like while Ashley is wounded and everyone else is busy tending to him
  • Rhett's snarky marriage proposal to Scarlett.
  • A behind-the-scenes one: In Olivia de Havilland's autobiography, she recalls that there was a great amount of anticipation by the crew for the scene where Melanie is forced to strip off her nightgown, expecting her to be naked underneath just as the character is in-universe (though frame-censored). They were all very disappointed to see she was actually wearing a short sleeved top and rolled up trousers underneath.
  • In the book, Melanie takes in an old scruffy homeless man who becomes a sort-of bodyguard, and is absolutely devoted to Melanie despite his rather gruff misanthropic and misogynist manner:
    India to Melanie: "I think hed really like for somebody to insult you, so he could kill them to show his respect for you."
  • Scarlett getting mad at Rhett during the escape from Atlanta when he tells her they will be parting ways. She starts hurling insults at him and he just laughs and gives this awesome reply:
    Rhett: Never mind the rest, I follow your general idea.

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