Funny / Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

  • After a cop car gets knocked through a wall by a wrecking ball:
    Drycoff: You alright?
    Cop: I think so...
    Drycoff: Are you sure? 'Cause you just went through a wall.
  • The bit at the end with Sphinx:
    Sphinx: If his unpleasant wounding has in some way enlightened the rest of you as to the grim finish beneath the glossy veneer of criminal life and inspired you to change your ways, then his injuries carry with it an inherent nobility, and a supreme glory. We should all be so fortunate. You say poor Toby? I say poor us.
    [everyone stares]
    Tumbler: He spoke.
    Memphis: Hey, man, I thought you were from Long Beach.
  • The scene where Memphis and Kip Raines are running away from a street gang out to kill them. Kip vaults a fence to land in a dog kennel and looks up in horror at the name posted on the adjacent doghouse: Beast. And then an adorable little puppy runs out from it and starts licking his face.
    • Also from the same scene, we have this gem of a conversation:
    Kip: Why are people shooting at us?!