Funny: Godspell

  • This exchange:
    Judas: Even the doggy-doggies used to come to Lazarus and lick his open, running sores.
    Jerry: Blech!
    Judas: Sorry.
  • This exchange:
    Judas: Now what the Good Master is telling us all right now is that up in Heaven, there are about a hundred million little tiny angels about 'yea' by 'yea', and they all take shorthand. And every time you do something silly, they write it in a...
    Jesus: No, no.
    Judas: That's not what the Good Master is telling us.
  • This line has become sort of a Memetic Mutation:
    Jesus: Did I ever tell you I used to read feet?
    Jeffrey: You used to... what?
    Jesus: Some people read palms or tea leaves. I read feet. Look what it says! (lifts Jeffrey's foot) Ah hah! It says "Rejoice."
    Jeffrey: (looking for himself, disappointed) It says "Keds."
    • Another popular option is for whoever is playing Jeffrey to say "no, it says Reebok".
  • I've only seen the show once, so if anyone knows the lines, please feel free to add them. After Jesus said the "give them your coat too" line, somebody responds with a monologue about "What kind of coat is it?" then lists a bunch of things like "Does it zip?...Does it have a pocket in the front?" then, "Is it a hoodie? Because you should only wear a hoodie when it's [lists a bunch of unlikely circumstances like on the third day of the third month every nine years... when it's somebody's birthday in Alaska.])" When another cast member comments that her process is complicated, she responds by saying something about Simplicity.
  • When one of the disciples keeps dancing after "All For The Best" ends and doesn't stop until Jesus points out that the song is over.
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