Funny / Get Over It

  • The big Love Will Keep Us Together dance sequence near the beginning of the film. The fact that it's never clear exactly at what point Berke's actual post-dumping walk home becomes Berke's Imagine Spot of his post-dumping walk home only makes it funnier.
  • Berke's parents driving him home from getting busted at a strip club raid. They tell him they're proud of him for moving on with his life. His dad even says "we had no idea you were so kinky."
    Frank: Who's up for frozen yogurt?
    Beverly: Berke might want to go home and polish the rocket first.
    Berke: Yogurt's good.
  • While playing with a crossbow, Kelly accidentally fires it into Berke's arm. His reaction is offscreen but it includes a high-pitched squeal. And in the ambulance, it's Kelly who faints.
  • Dora Lynn's Disaster Dominoes is a sight to behold. By just waving to a waiter, she causes a chain of events that lead to the entire restaurant catching fire. Berke comes out of the bathroom, sees the chaos and deadpans "Cheque, please!"
  • Dr Forest Oates's treatment of Jessica does make for some fantastic exchanges. His Establishing Character Moment is yelling at her for not sticking the banner up properly.
    Jessica: I'm trying, sir. But you're intimidating me.
    Dr Forest Oates: Well, you are frightening me!