Funny / Gangs of New York

  • Bill: "-I want you to go out there, and I want punish...the person who's responsible- *sob* - for murdering this poor little rabbit." What makes it even funnier is how quickly Bill regains his composure, with a firm "Understood?" Even funnier: the lament of a dead rabbit is coming from a butcher.
  • During the play as the crowd pelts the actor playing Lincoln with produce, if you look closely, you can see Bill takes the time to slam dunk a whole cabbage onto McGloin's head.
  • P.T. Barnum's escaped elephant running through during the Draft Riots is also rather hilarious, especially due to the Dead Rabbits' reaction.
  • When Monk is running for sherrif.
    Boss Tweed: (impressed) That man was right born for this.
    Amsterdam: He's killed 44 men, and laid low a couple hundred more.
    Boss Tweed: Is that right? We should have run him for Mayor.
  • The Reverend's Double Take at two obvious crossdressing men among the ladies at the Reform Dance. One girl whispers before the Reverend sees him, "You shoulda shaved closer."
  • McGloin being smacked across the face by a bishop. Of course, he really deserved it.
  • "That, my friends, is the minority vote." Dark humor considering the circumstances, but still.
  • "Now that was bloody Shakespearean! You know who Shakespeare was? He's the fella who wrote the King James Bible!"
  • In a darkly comic scene, two rival fire brigades brawl out a territory dispute, ignoring the actual blaze. The two heads of the fire brigades overlook the fight and have a heated discussion over whose land they're on.
  • When Amsterdam introduces himself to Bill.
    Bill: What is your name?
    Amsterdam: Amsterdam, sir.
    Bill: Amsterdam? I'm New York.
  • "The appearance of the law must be upheld. Especially while it's being broken."