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The musical

  • Right before her first sexual encounter, Joan Performs a "Shut Up" Kiss to Middle Allison and her reaction is priceless.
  • When Bruce finds a dead mouse in a box of old antiques, Small Allison gladly takes it in.
    Bruce: [disgusted] Ugh, dead mouse.
    Small Allison: [excited] Oh, Oh! Can I have it?
    Bruce: ...It's all yours.
  • Regular Allison has this golden line.
    Allison: Caption: My dad and I are exactly alike!
    Allison: Caption, my dad and I are nothing alike.
  • Middle Allison's awkward yet Adorkable sing-song rambles are bound to get a chuckle out of some.
    Middle Allison: Joan I feel like Hercules! — Oh GOD that sounds ridiculous!