Funny / Full Throttle

  • use MEAT on random object
    Ben: That's not one of meat's many uses.
  • Ben: Ripburger, you're gonna kill all of us!
    Ripburger: (whispering) Shhhh, Ben, don't ruin the ending!
  • Ben: Now it's just me and the bunnies.
  • Maureen: Nice forks! Where did you find them?
    Ben: Right next to the knives and spoons.
  • Corley: Who do you think you are fooling?
    Ripburger: The shareholders, sir.

  • When Ben interrupts the shareholders' meeting by first projecting the camera reel of Ripburger beating Corley to death, then playing Corley's audio will over the PA system, Ripburger tries to cover himself by claiming, in an extremely unconvincing fashion, that the tape is from Corley's psychiatry sessions and that the man was paranoid and delusional by the end. It's double funny because there's a giant photo behind him of him splattered with Corley's blood.
    • After Maureen storms the stage and verifies the tape, she tells them to arrest Ripburger... only for the camera to pan out and show that Ripburger has hightailed it out of there while she was talking.
    • The projectionist's incredibly half-assed attempt at fixing the projector after Ben breaks it; she just sort of half-heartedly flips one of the broken levers once.
    Projectionist: Welp, I'm out of ideas.
    • Ripburger tries to stall for time while the projector is broken by telling a joke. Unfortunately, he has No Sense of Humor, and completely falls flat.
  • Ripburger's two henchmen accidentally get themselves killed during the demolition derby when their car explodes from a fuel leak, right after talking about how Ripburger will have to make them vice-presidents and pay them stock for succeeding in their mission.
    Ripburger: ...well, on the plus side, I just made 20,000 shares of stock!
  • The last thing Ripburger sees before plunging to his death: a Corley Motors license plate, Can't Beat A Corley.
  • The interactions with the clerk at the souvenir booth at Corley Motors.
    Clerk: Buy the kids a motorized Corley bunny to shut them up during the long ride home!
    • Ben distracts the clerk by asking him to check if the t-shirts are pure cotton so he can steal one of the bunnies. When the clerk checks and confirms that they are, Ben claims he's allergic to cotton.