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Ben is Malcolm's illegitimate son
His second name is never given in the original game. Later Word of God is that it's "Throttle" but then, it may have been his mom's maiden name. Their ages fit. Malcolm is shown to not shy away from extramarital affairs. When they first meet, they are immediately sympathetic towards each other. Bike-riding is In the Blood of all Corleys. Ben and Mo wouldn't be the first example of borderline Brother–Sister Incest that LucasArts produced (plus, one is a princess, the other is a farmboy). Lastly, the Ironic Echo when Ripburger holds the plate with "Can't Beat A Corley" in the Final Battle makes much more sense if the Corley in question is Ben rather than Mo who didn't do anything useful in the final showdown at all.
  • Pretty sure that the Ironic Echo was referring to his literally beating Malcolm - he beat a Corley, and now he's been hunted down and dropped to a splattering death.
  • Or one can interpret as one of two ways: The first is that Malcolm always intended to keep his family business in his family and keep producing motorcycles (which is why Maureen is mentioned in the audio cassette will he leaves behind). Ripberger's plan was to kill Malcolm and take over Corley Motors so to stop making motorcycles. So, literally, Malcolm's plan came through as Maureen is now in charge of the company. The second option is the fact that Maureen helped set up the events of the final act that lead to the demise of Ripberger, and even after Ripberger's multiple attempts to kill her, thus a Corley beat him. So, with either one of those two options, "You can't beat a Corley."

Malcolm Corley and Malcolm the Jester (from Kyrandia) are the same person
Same name, and they look pretty similar. It's the only reasonable explanation.

The entire game takes place in an afterlife for Chaotic Good Badass Bikers.
The world consists of nothing but endless stretches of road to speed on, babes to flirt with, other bikers to pick fights with, and even the occasional stupid disrespectful jerk to drop off a cliff. If they screw up and get themselves killed, all they need to say is, "Oops. Let me try that again." And they can try that again. Light 'em up, brother.

This game is a post-apocalyptic sequel to Maniac Mansion
Several members of the biker gang The Vultures share their name and appearance with characters from Maniac Mansion - Sid, Razor, Wendy and Michael. Razor even has her trademark bright red hair, now styled into a mohawk. Ben could easily be a shortening of Bernard from Maniac Mansion and Day of the Tentacle. He says early on that he has a last name but prefers not to use it - could be his last name is Bernoulli. So the question is, what happened between the end of Day of the Tentacle and the start of Full Throttle?

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