Trivia / Full Throttle

  • Creator Breakdown: The original draft for the game had Ben and Maureen hooking up in the end. However, during production, several key members of the creative team had their relationships sour and in a fit of angst, decided to rewrite the ending. Ironically, the game's Bittersweet Ending was lauded for being truer to the tone of the rest of the story.
  • The Other Darrin: Roy Conrad died before Hell on Wheels went to production, so another VA voiced Ben in the trailer. The game was never finished, however.
  • Starmaking Role: "Bone to Pick" got a ton of sales out of the game, and made a name of The Gone Jackals.
  • Talking to Himself: Unique variant: Malcolm Corley and Father Torque are voiced by the same actor... and the only time the two are on-screen at the same time is at the former's funeral, with the latter delivering his eulogy!
  • What Could Have Been: Two sequels were meant to be made. Payback in 2000, but fell through due to key artists leaving and creative differences. The sequel Hell On Wheels in 2002, was meant to pick up where the original game left off. However was never finished and likewise cancelled. And with LucasArts now disbanded, all prospects of a continuation still very low. Though fans are holding out hope Tim Schaefer will consider doing it independently.
    • According to Tim Schaefer, MTV met with him about a potential animated series based on the property, though nothing ever came of it.
    • An early storyline involved Maureen and her twin, Tina, that would have mimicked The Prince and the Pauper. Schaefer got the names from college friends of his. Eventually Tina was dropped entirely.
    • The game's iconic soundtrack was originally intended to use Soundgarden. The Gone Jackals got picked up due to Soundgarden costing far too much for the game's budget to allow.
    • At one point, Schaefer had an idea for a Dream Sequence where players had to work through Ben's mind to help his psyche. While it was eventually scrapped, Schaefer eventually reworked the idea into Psychonauts.