Funny: Franklin

  • "Sir Franklin of Carrot" in "Franklin is Messy"
  • Additionally in "Franklin is Messy," there's an entertaining visual gag in which Franklin carelessly tosses a block into Goldie's fishbowl and her eyes bug out really wide, and then she darts behind her playhouse
  • In "Franklin's Library Book," Franklin and Mr. Turtle visit the library to donate a large box of books and an increasingly aggrieved Mr. Turtle is left toting the heavy box around the library while Mrs. Goose helps Franklin and Bear with first finding books and then getting library cards.
  • Mr. Turtle getting stuck during the fire drill in "Franklin and the Fire" because he didn't take off his shell.
  • In "Franklin the Coach," Beaver declares "You are what you eat, and I won't have any marshmallows on my team!"
  • "Harriet, don't eat the caterpillar" in Back to School with Franklin
  • Pretty much the entirety of the sequence in which Beaver visits Franklin and Bears' awful garden-shed "museum" in "Franklin's Fossil." First, she has to pay two cookies to get in and expresses doubt that what she's going to see would be worth two cookies. Upon going inside, she finds a rusty nail, which Franklin and Bear have put in the museum because "museums have really old things." The next thing on display is a picture of Franklin and his Granny, which they excuse because Granny is "really old." The only thing that Beaver actually finds interesting about the museum is the fossil, but Franklin and Bear are unable to tell her anything about it, other than that it's "really old, older than Franklin's Granny." Beaver demands her cookies back, only for Franklin to show her the crumbled remains of one of the cookies and Bear to indicate his stomach.
  • Franklin's reaction in Franklin and the Green Knight: The Movie when Mrs. Goose comments about how babies smell so nice with that "special baby smell."
    Franklin: (to himself, sniffing under his armpit) I smell nice!
  • In "Franklin the Inventor" from Franklin and Friends, there's something oddly amusing about Franklin's expressions of ecstasy as Fox scratches his itchy shell and later Mr. Fox does so using his new mechanical backscratcher invention.
  • In the book Franklin Says I Love You, when Franklin tells Mr. Turtle that it's Mrs. Turtle's birthday the next day, the narration states simply "His father looked surprised."