Quotes / Franklin

Mrs. Turtle: Hi, Franklin.
Franklin: How did you know it was me?
Mrs. Turtle: Special mother powers.
"Franklin's Halloween"

Franklin: (as Beaver) Granny, you're hardly moving at all!
Goose: (as Granny in "Little Red Riding Hood") That's easy for your to say Little Red Hiding Hood. You've got a good part. I'm in bed the whole show.
Bear: (as the wolf) Or in my stomach. Grr.
Franklin: (as Beaver) You've only got one day left to stop being so bossy. You'd better get practicing! (Goose notices that Beaver is right behind them.) You don't sound scary! (Goose gets Bear's attention.) I'm leaving! (stops his imitations) Hey, are you guys still there or what? (Beaver sobs and leaves.)
"Franklin and the Puppet Play"

Beaver: (as Granny, following the above) You're not Red Riding Hood. (as the wolf) No. (as herself) I'm the wolf. Everybody knows that.
"Franklin and the Puppet Play"

Armadillo: (to Franklin) Are you worried that your parents won't have time for you when the baby comes? (Snail looks startled.)
Franklin: I guess I am kind of a little worried.
Armadillo: That's okay. (Franklin droops his head.) Hey, who do you love more, your mom or your dad?
Franklin: That's a silly question. I love them both.
Armadillo: Exactly. And my parents have plenty of love for both me and my little brother. Nothing to worry about. Right?
Franklin: Right.
Armadillo: We'd better be going. Mom will be looking for us. Good luck, Franklin!
Franklin: Bye, Armadillo!
Little Armadillo: Bye!
Franklin: And thanks!
Snail: Franklin? Are you really worried your parents won't have time for you when the baby comes?
Franklin: (sniffles) Uh-huh.
Snail: That's funny. 'Cause I was kind of worried too.
Franklin: You were?
Snail: I thought you'd be too busy being a big brother to be my friend.
Franklin: That's not going to happen, Snail. Sure, sometimes I'll be busy with the baby, but we'll always be friends.
Snail: You'll always be the bravest and the greatest to me, Franklin.
Franklin and the Green Knight

Mr. Turtle: It's so cozy in here with the roaring fire and the Christmas lights all... (The power goes out.)
Mrs. Turtle: ...Off.
Franklin: Wow! A blackout!
Franklin's Magic Christmas

Harriet: Maybe blue blankie can help. All you gotta do is hug it.
Harriet lending blue blankie to Kit in Back to School with Franklin to help him feel better

Bear: Gee, you sure can play... loud, Harriet.
Beaver: (chuckles) Yeah. I don't think I've ever heard drums played like, like that before.
Franklin: (sighs) Well, I've heard them played like that all morning. My ears are ringing, thanks to Harriet.
Harriet: (giggles) You welcome, Fwankin.
Franklin: I gave her my drum to trade for the recorder, but she won't give it back. So now I don't have any instrument to play at all, thanks to Harriet.
Harriet: You welcome, Fwankin.
"Franklin's Jug Band"

Mrs. Turtle: It was tough watching my little turtle fall. But the important thing was that I was there to lift you up and encourage you to keep going.
Franklin: Gee, if you'd been a mother hen when I was little, I might not have learned how to skate or ride a bike.
Mrs. Turtle: Maybe not.
"Mother Hen Franklin"

Mr. Turtle: (handing Franklin some bonus coupons for Mr. Mole's shop) Here, Franklin. You've been such a big help this week. Why don't you take these?
Franklin: Gee, thanks!
Mr. Turtle: Thank you. I bet there's enough there for a shovel and a rake.
Franklin: (chuckles) I don't think so. I'm getting something cool.
"Franklin Stargazes"

Hey, Franklin, if you get a sister, she'll do the things you do! But when you teach her painting, she'll end up painting you.
Lyrics from the "Brothers and Sisters" song, Franklin and the Green Knight