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Funny: Fail To The King
  • The answer’s in my hands, I can feel it…
  • Monty's deliberate homage to Monty Python, right before he got dangerous.
  • Aria, after speaking on the phone with Almaz's mother. "Here you go, Lord Almaz. It wasn't easy, but I managed to make it worse for you."
  • In Chapter 16, Sapphire's reaction to the secretary walking in on her with a chainsaw.
    Sapphire: Oh, hello Mir. Does my hair hide it well enough?
    Mir: It's... it's hidden perfectly, Princess... Shall I fetch your highness' hockey mask too, or is this a casual affair?
    Sapphire: No, no, that won't be necessary. I just hate running around for keys if a door is locked, that's all. (Beat) Although, I will keep it in mind in case tomorrow's meeting drags on.
  • In the middle of a dramatic fight:
    Phoenix: I told you! Those things are just mana! It's fluff in the shape of a sword!
    Almaz: I know, damnit! I read Bleach too, you know!
    Phoenix: ...what.
    Almaz: And speaking of Bleach, I've got a sword wrapped in bandages too!
    Phoenix: Shut up!
  • A ninja's report:
    Gorrillian: I learned through various means that [Raspberyl and her vassals] have been occupied for the past few hours in trying to infiltrate this room by force, in an assassination attempt.
    Gorrillian: My Lord, I have learned through various means that Rasberyl has successfully infiltrated the room.
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