Funny / FAKE

  • Drake at the conclusion of the bombed orphanage story, wearing an enormous I-am-not-hiding-anything grin: "Chief! I've managed to apprehend Ben Lloyd, sir! I nabbed him all by myself and definitely without anyone's help!"
    • Da Chief congratulates him - then advises him to treat Dee and Ryo to pizza or something later.
  • Dee in the epilogue, getting a little too enthusiastic about his and Ryo's Relationship Upgrade: "Time to have fun, fun, fun now, pardner! Mano a mano, man on man, homo-fucking-sex galore! ♥"
  • In Fake II, JJ asks Ryo if he's been using orange soap. Ryo is immediately embarrassed while Dee laughs it's a scent he picked. When JJ says he'll also switch to using orange soap since Dee likes it, Ryo angrily snaps that it's not soap. It's orange lube from when he and Dee spent the previous night together shown only in the doujinshi.
  • Ryo not figuring out that Berkley was about to kiss him until Dee explains it to him:
    Ryo: "Holy cow. That actually makes sense. I was wondering why he kept moving his face closer and closer to mine."