Funny / Ex-Heroes

  • Ex-Communication has a couple of good ones:
    • When they decided to test Madelyn's invisibility to exes, they basically had her tease an ex-human that was playing host to Legion. Cue the superheroes having some fun at Legion's expense.
    • Zzzap's practical joke on St. George in the epilogue. St. George's reaction to finding out it was a joke was the icing on the cake.
      "You bastard!" - St. George
  • Georgeís reaction to his Indy Ploy to meet Karen working.
  • Basically everything that comes out of Berryís mouth.
    Barry: You better be very pretty or offering me a lot of money.
  • The fact that everyone still refuses to call Cesar the Driver.
    Stealth: That is your car
    Danielle: No, Itís Cesar
    Cesar: The horn let out three long angry blasts.
    Danielle: I am not calling you the Driver.
  • George and Christianís reaction to her shooting him in the teeth.