Awesome / Ex-Heroes

  • The moment where zombiefied Cairax and the human St George have one of the few epic superhuman brawls in the entire history of the Ex-Heroes world. St George proceeds then to kick the evil demonically possessed zombie's ass and to top it off, his powers prove strong enough to beat the zombie virus.
  • St George's speech to Stealth about how they can't just pick and choose survivors based on value to rebuilding society. At that point, he couldn't have done a better job than Superman himself.
  • The second book's battle between Captain Freedom and Saint George is pretty good.
    • The second matchup between Freedom and St. George is awesome because not only does George wipe the floor with all the super soldiers there, but he also realizes that by playing possum he can also get them to tell him what they've done with Stealth.
  • In the third book, Cairax is Killed Off for Real because Maxwell Hale gets the heroes to think of Zzzap as an archangel.
  • George telling Stealth to get in his car and then shutting down her protest that her vehicle would be better suited.