Funny / Evolution Worlds

  • There's a kid named Nash behind Chain's bus home who's very infatuated with Linear. He doesn't really like Mag hanging out with her so much. Once Linear gets kidnapped, Nash doesn't see her with Mag one time and thus accuses him of finally selling her to pay off his huge debt.
  • The cutscene where Pepper is introduced, specifically when she realizes who Mag is... and mentions that she knows because all the adventurers know of the Launcher Family's debt.
  • The original version of World of Sacred Device has rougher yet humorous facial expression, especially during the scene where Mag and Linear meet Eugene.
  • Before escaping from the sinking ship, Eugene threatens to take Linear away to escape. Cue Mag's Cyframe Power Fist uppercutting Eugene into the sea.
  • The look on Eugene's face when he sees Linear's evolutia form. Is he climaxing or something?
    • He also has a funny look on his face the whole time you fight him on foot. He's clearly enjoying this.
  • If you talk to Pepper in the Museville bar, she'll tell you about how the other day the society worker Nina got Drunkon Milk and started dancing the Macarena on a table.
    • Also from the bar, Mag whining like a little kid when the bartender decides to give him water when you ask for a drink.