Funny / Encino Man

  • Stoney and Link "wheezing the juice".
    • When Link is kicked out of the convenience store, he comes back in wearing sunglasses and says "I'll be back".
  • While Dave and Stoney clean him up, Link chugs down a bottle of aftershave and starts drooling it out in disgust.
  • "That was not cool at all, you guys. You know, you could have hurt his pancreas or something like that."
  • Link and Stoney harassing a guy in a panda suit.
  • During the trip to the Museum of Natural History, the teacher is talking about how the sabretooth cat would regularly eat cavemen. Cue Link screaming.
  • When Link is defrosted, he gets hit in the face by a rake, strikes up an awkward friendship with the dog, scares the mailman, then tosses out the parcel he'd delivered because Link only cared about the string and tried to pick a fight with a garbage truck.
  • When Dave and Stoney come home, they find most of the house is covered in clay. For some reason Stoney tastes some of it.
  • At the Mexican club:
    Bartender: Police! Inmigración! (Cue almost everyone running in panic, implying that they're all illegal immigrants)
  • Link eating dog food, which grosses out Dave's dad, while Stoney acts like it's no big thing.