Funny / Enchanted

  • An early sign that Prince Edward is meant as a parody, when he answers Giselle's name with an impressively-hammy, "Oh...Giselle!"
  • Nathaniel's over the top accents when he attempts to feed Giselle the poisoned apples.
    • Robert lampshades the feeding-poisoned-apples by saying, "How come people keep giving you free stuff?".
      • He even says, "Be careful, it's poisonous," but he means it as a joke.
  • "Happy Working Song", the song Giselle sings while tidying up the apartment with the help of some animals.
    • Especially the Mood Whiplash of the pigeon EATING a cockroach (With whom he was earlier happily singing) at the end of "Happy Working Song".
    • The mere fact that the cockroaches were helping with said house cleaning. Not to mention they looked so adorable too. An exterminator would have a heart attack if he came by at the wrong time.
    • The lyric "Sing along, if you cannot sing then hum along".
  • The Crowd Song Giselle initiates "That's How You Know"; all of it. Some other highlights include
    • Robert's baffled and indignant reaction to how all the back-up dancers know the words to this song Giselle made up on the spot. "I've never heard this song before!'
    • Edward's sudden appearance and getting run over by the bicyclists in the middle of singing.
    • Robert unconsciously dancing along before realizing what he's doing and looking around awkwardly.
    • This bit:
      Giselle: Well, does he take you out dancing just so he can hold you close?
      Robert: I don't dance.
      Giselle: Dedicate a song with words meant just for you-woo-oo
      Robert: And I really don't sing.
    • The street musicians and mariachis follow Robert and Giselle even when they try rowing in the lake.
  • Edward when he refers to Robert and Morgan as "peasants."
    • "These are my friends!" *beat* "Oh." He says it so nonchalantly, like he didn't just try to kill Robert. It's so true of Disney films too.
    • His race through the apartment building too. Heck, every time Edward was on screen qualifies.
    • When Giselle explains to Edward that she's not singing because "I'm just thinking". Edward's complete bafflement over the concept of thinking is hilarious.
    • Right before trying to kill Robert, Edward asks if he has any last words. Robert's reaction is, of course, "You have got to be kidding me!" Edward's response? "Strange words," followed by motioning for the blow before Giselle stops him.
  • This piece of dialogue:
    Morgan: And you don't wanna wear too much make-up, because then boys get the wrong idea, and you know how they are. They're only after one thing!
    Giselle: What's that?
    Morgan: I don't know. Nobody will tell me.
    • This speech is clearly something her father told her and Morgan simply memorized it.
  • This bit of dialogue too:
    Robert: It's like you just stepped out of a Hallmark card or something.
    Giselle: Is that a bad thing?
    • The moment right after, when Robert verbally remembers he has to take Morgan to school. Morgan spreads out her hands with an impatiently bewildered look that can best be described as "Duh!".
  • Giselle making dresses out of Robert's curtains and carpets.
  • The scene where Nancy walks in when Giselle falls on top of Robert after getting out of the shower and the misunderstanding that ensues is brilliantly funny.
    • Giselle says "I was on my way to the castle to get married" and Nancy bristles "She's married!?"
      • And Robert says awkwardly "Not yet.", Nancy says "What does that mean 'yet'?"
    • Giselle also obliviously recommends the shower to her, going on about how great it is. Nancy responds "oh I'm sure it is."
    • Nancy's introduction is great too. Morgan answers the door to her, and...
    Morgan: Kick what?
    • When she asks if Robert and Morgan got a maid, Morgan replies, "No. Not exactly."
  • Robert's secretary. Of note is her delivery of "The valley of contentment," which she says in a very light voice.
    • Bonus Points? Jodi Benson ladies and gentlemen!
      • The part where they're looking at Giselle and she's just happily spinning in place for no reason.
      • Especially since the background music playing while she's dancing is Part of Your World.
    • When Robert points out that Andalasia is not a state, Sam says, "More like a state of mind."
  • Speaking of Sam: Her introduction to Giselle involves our beloved princess spitting a fish from her mouth. It Makes Sense in Context...sort of. And it's hilariously cute. note 
  • All the woodland friends pouring out of the coach (remind you of a certain other Disney movie perchance?) like it's a clown car in the beginning. Also, having Narissa turn into the same crone as the Evil Queen from Snow White was a pretty funny touch.
  • That is one hilarious scene when Edward is riding on the roof of an MTA New York City Transit bus. He then stabs his sword through the roof, seemingly "killing" the bus (in reality, the driver applying the brakes). Then that Large Ham driver confronts Edward, and goes really bananas once Pip gets on her head and starts imitating her gestures. Bonus points if you notice that the driver's hair is made to look like a hidden Mickey.
    • He does the whole thing under the impression the bus is some kind of monster that imprisoned everyone on board.
    Edward: The steel beast is dead, peasants, I set you all free.
  • Nathaniel popping out of the manhole and the annoyed utility crew asks him if he's looking for a beautiful princess like Edward was before him. Nathaniel replied "No. I'm looking for a prince, actually." Their dumbfounded looks cemented the scene.
    • "Right."
    • And when he first climbs up, one of the construction workers says, "Where do all these people keep coming from?".
  • "Oh, sometimes you make me so...!" "Make you so what?" "Oh, you make me so...!" "What?!" "You make me so...!" "What?!" "ANGRY!!!" (Bursts out laughing in delight) "I'm angry. I'm angry!" (Giselle punches Robert on the arm)
  • Edward knocks on a door, revealing a housewife with four girls. She looks at him and says, "You're too late."
    • "My apologies."
    • And that, my dear tropers, was Judy Kuhn, the singing voice of Pocahontas.
    • One of the apartment doors he knocks on involves a man with two cats, one of which hisses at Edward and he hisses back.
  • Paige O'Hara (a.k.a. Belle)'s cameo in a really bad Soap Opera. Especially the way she delivers the line "How can I love a man who doesn't even like himself?" Nathaniel's reactions were pretty funny too.
    • Nathaniel and Edward's conversation after this cements it:
    Nathaniel: Sire... Do you like yourself?
    Edward: (very casually) What's not to like?
  • At one point in the scene where Edward and Nathaniel are playing with the TV, they change the channel and the audience can hear the music of what they're watching...the Pink Elephant scene from Dumbo. Nathaniel immediately asks Edward to change the channel again.
  • Morgan's reaction when Edward asks Giselle "What's a date?"
    • Watch Morgan's face throughout that scene. She looks absolutely bewildered when Edward is singing to Giselle, despite the fact that she seems to like fairy tales. You can imagine her thinking "The crazy renaissance fair actor who just tried to kill my dad with a sword is now dancing in my apartment and singing."
  • Pip trying to tell Edward that Nathaniel is working for Narissa.
    Edward: Nathaniel's glad to have me near. ... You feel you'd die without me here.
    • Most of the interpretations have to do with Edward himself and rhyme.
      (Pip points at Nathaniel and jumps into the air)
      Edward: "Nathaniel likes the way I leap?"
      (Pip jabbers to the tune of "True Love's Kiss", then falls over)
      Edward: "I'm handsome even when I sleep?"
    • Then at the climax when Edward finally manages to decipher Pip's pantomiming.
    (Pip, in a hamster ball, rolls up to Edward's feet.)
    Edward: Pip! You'd like to finally be released... to help Giselle... to best the best the beast. (Pip squeaks happily as Edward finally got it right) Why didn't you say so in the first place?
    (Pip groans and facepalms as Edward opens the hamster ball to let him out)
  • From the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, where Nathaniel and Pip have become best-selling authors in New York and Andalasia, respectively.
  • Giselle seeing a statue of a large woman and genuinely telling Robert "She's beautiful." His exasperated "It's a statue!" puts it over the top.
  • Narissa delivers some excellent snark in the movie (in true Big Bad tradition).
  • "Wow! really good Reception here!" doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, considering the context.
  • This quick moment between Giselle and the dw—little man:
    "Grumpy": Geez, lady, are you for real?
    Giselle: Well, I-I-I think so....
  • When Robert says he's not unhappy, "I'm angry!" to which Giselle replies, "...Angry?" (Her low tone and frown as she says it kinda comes across like, "Well, gee...that's—a bit of an overreaction....")
  • When Giselle tries to get into Robert's apartment, only for her dress to keep her from making it through the doorway. Her huff and eye-roll is priceless, all but screaming You Have Got to Be Kidding Me!
  • At the end of "That's How You Know", as Nancy calls Robert to thank him for the wreath and doves, Giselle gives Robert a cute "See I told ya!" beam.
  • During Robert's introduction to Giselle:
    Robert: Do you need me to call somebody for you?
    Robert: (Beat) What?
    • When she first falls on him, her "OW!" sounds...astonished. ("What is this?—it's not supposed to hurt!")
  • Following the "Happy Working Song," Robert and Morgan are both in a panic about all of the vermin inside the house. Morgan holds up two rats and asks what she's supposed to do with them. Robert tells her get rid of them outside.
    Morgan: Put them back?
    Robert: Put them outside! Don't put them back.
  • When an old man steals Giselle's tiara.
    Giselle: You...are not a very nice old man!
  • Robert is telling Giselle about his daughter Morgan, about how she's shy and sensitive, doesn't have many friends. So he doesn't want to fill her head with fairy tales or "dreams come true nonsense," to be able to face the world for what it is.
    Giselle: But dreams do come true. And maybe something wonderful will happen.
    Robert: (full Sarcasm Mode) Oh, yeah, well, I forgot who I was talking to.
    Giselle: (perfectly serious) Well, I hope you don't. I like talking to you.
  • Edward's search for Giselle in Robert's apartment building. The entire scene. Bonus points goes to the part when Edward knocks on the apartment unit of a tough-looking biker...that then smiles lecherously at Edward.
  • At the beginning of the movie, when the troll's eye fills the window.
    Animals: "Eye! Eye!"
    Giselle: "'I' what?"
    Troll: "I eat you now."
    (Giselle runs away)
    Troll: "Hey, that's cheating! I supposed to eat you!"
    • Speaking of the troll, when Edward rides along singing the True Love's Kiss song, then the troll runs past him singing, "True love's kiss!".
  • When Edward says that he will rescue Giselle, Pip says, "Yeah, but who's gonna rescue me?!"
  • Giselle specifying to Edward "It's not really a dog. They just call it a hot 'dog' here."