Heartwarming / Encino Man

  • After suffering a Heroic B.S.O.D. in the museum, Stoney was the first to comfort Link, telling him that himself and Dave are his new family now.
  • Link pulling apart Dave and Stoney during their fight, which leads to them coming to their senses and making up.
  • Dave's grounded after getting bailed out of jail and can't go to prom. What's more, Robyn has decided to go with Link. Rather than get down, Stoney brings a bottle of champagne and drinks it with him by the side of the finally completed pool.
    Dave: Eh, there's always college.
    Stoney: JUNIOR college!
  • Despite the fact that his mate is in all likelihood dead, coupled with all the female attention he gets, Link never stops loving her.
    • Doubly heartwarming when we find out that she's alive as well. The way they look at each other can put a smile on anyone's face.
  • Dave and Robyn sharing a kiss by his new pool after prom. Before the kiss, she even tells him that she thought what he did was cool!