Funny / Dynomutt Dog Wonder

  • Blue Falcon's summary of Dynomutt's general unhelpfulness, delivered in a completely dry voice:
    He is my friend. They are my enemies. I must remember.
  • This line from "Sinister Symphony":
    Blue Falcon: Dog Wonder! Do something! Anything! (turns to camera in shock) What am I saying?
  • In "The Wizard of Ooze", Scooby and the gang guest star and at one point Scooby and Shaggy dress up as Dynomutt and BF. In order to trick the bad guys they have to make it convincing, so Scooby on purpose performs a "malfunction". Which the bad guys (Swamp Rat and Mudmouth) actually do buy! Even the criminals expect Dynomutt to always screw up.