Funny: DRAMAtical Murder

  • Ren's manly Badass Baritone voice can be hilariously incongruous if you're not expecting it.
  • There's a scene early on in the game were Noiz breaks into Aoba's room, and as they're arguing, Koujaku ends up with them too, and Clear joins as well by rising up from the bottom of Aoba's window and basically breaking in. This almost seems like it could've been a serious scene, but then Granny breaks up the fight, and they all end up in the kitchen discussing their dispute over donuts. And Let's not forget Clear's "MAAAAAAA-SUUUUUU-TAAAAAA!"
  • Near the end of Noiz's route, it turns out that Mio, of the three bratty kids, has developed a crush on Noiz. The way she shows this is by handing him a love letter written in crayon, and then angrily saying that he didn't have to read it. Both Noiz and Aoba are clearly at a loss.
  • Clear's general misunderstanding of how things like "doors" work causes a lot of humorous moments, particularly his first scene, where Aoba finds Clear face-down on the street after jumping off a building to come find him.
  • Another Clear moment: He calls Aoba at Platinum Jail, having found a secret entrance to Oval Tower. Aoba follows a map provided... only to find it was actually a place named "Overr Tower".
  • During a walk in the Green Playground, Noiz purchases various types of food, not knowing what they are. When Aoba asks what he's been eating, Noiz nonchalantly replies he's been living off delivery pizza and pasta for the last few years.
  • Akujima. Especially when he turns his megaphone into a giant laser.
  • Koujaku getting a nosebleed during his sex scene with Aoba
  • Any time Aoba goes into Deadpan Snarker mode.
    • The event that causes him to act so is often a funny moment, too.
  • Aoba's constant irritation of Ren being taller than him in Rhyme and in real life as Sei despite Sei only being 1 cm taller!
  • Aoba imitating one of Koujaku's many fangirls in the Drama CD