Funny / Dragon Quest IV

  • Torneko Taloon! The mighty Lethal Joke Character!
    • Also, there are a few times in the DS version when he appraises female clothing, like the Magical Skirt, that brings out a few laughs. The way he appraises the Dream Blade and pretends to fall asleep is priceless!
    • Asking him to appraise horse manure will, unsurprisingly, annoy the crap out of him.
    Torneko: Fer the love o' - What are y'at, stickin' that in me face!? 'Tis about as useful as a chocolate teapot. Now get up the yard with it!
  • Also, when you talk to a minidemon in Pharos Beacon, he says, in Fang Thpeak, that Torneko has escaped and tries to go after Torneko... by casting Zoom/Return instead of Evac/Outside, knocking himself unconscious by a bump to his head!
  • On your quest for the Feverfew Seed, you enter a dungeon and run into Alena and her party of hired muscle, standing in front of a locked door. Alena has the key... but she takes a few steps back and just kicks it in anyway, apparently because she felt like it.