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Funny: Dragon Quest V
  • The ferret enemies are constantly farting! THAT'S something you don't see every day!
  • Pankraz bitchslapping Harry, something the player will have been dying to do at that point.
  • If you take Bianca with you to the hot springs in Stockenbarrel during the day and answer, "Yes," to the woman who asks if you're there to relax, you can get the following party chat line:
  • Also, Debora's rude response to the whole "taking the hero to be your lawfully wedded husband... for as long as you both shall be resurrected from death in the church" comment that gets the priest nervous is priceless.
  • If you chose Nera as your wife and go visit the girl who now serves as her Childhood Friend's Love Interest after defeating the giant monster, she will try to flirt with you. Nera, if she is with you, will suddenly act aggressive, telling you to stop looking at her. Cue your son asking: "Why are you blushing, dad?"
  • The DS version gives us a third option, Debora. Unfortunately, she's such a known Rich Bitch that most of the town's males steer clear, despite her looks. After completing the marriage challenge, just before you choose Bianca and Nera... she outright marches downstairs and forces herself as a Third Option!
    • It gets better: If you choose one of the original two, you'll be asked twice if you're such. Choosing Debora is so out of the left field, that even HER FATHER reacts in pure terror. And it's purely hilarious.
    Rodrigo Briscoletti: "A-Are you sure you know what you're letting yourself-I mean, are you certain?"
    • And then you say yes. "By the Goddess! You are a lion-hearted man, Madason."
  • Dr. Agon got onto a minecart without looking at where it led, leading to him going round and round. For twenty years.
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