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Trivia: Dragon Quest IV
  • Manual Misprint: The instruction manual for the NES version has got quite a lot of misprints. For example, it is claimed that Maya and Meena's (Mara and Nara's) father was "Loro", a weaponsmith who "died of unknown causes" ("Loro" was actually alchemist Mahabala/Edgar who got murdered by Balzack); that the Powder Keg/Gunpowder Jar would have the Chancellor "lead [the player] to Keeleon" in a castle (the castle was already named Keeleon Castle/Palais de Leon, and the "boss" is not Keeleon, but rather Balzack); and that Tom Foolery/Panon is a "she" who is "a brilliant star" and "is good to have in dark places" (Tom/Panon is not a woman, but he's rather a comedian, and we don't know if he's "good to have in dark places" or not, but he is more of a Joke Character than a helpful person).
  • No Export for You: The PlayStation remake was originally going to be released in English, and there were advertisements for it in copies of Dragon Quest VII as well. However, a partner company of Enix which handled the development went bankrupt, and it became impossible to translate because they could not reprogram the script's code to implement the English text.
    • That, and the English version of the DS-remake that was released was stripped of the "party-talk," feature. A mechanic in which selecting the "talk," button when there was no one to talk to would instead make the current party members talk to each other, revealing hints and much needed characterization. Given that one of the major flaws of the original game was that each character's personality disappeared once they joined your party in Chapter 5, this feature was considered very welcome indeed. (As previously stated, this feature isn't absent from the later remakes of V and VI.)

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