Funny / Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

  • When scaring off Toothpick's gang with the nuclear missile he keeps in his truck, Loc Dog says, "You betta getcho stanky asses outta here 'fore I cause a nuclear holocaust up in here fool! Fool, it be 'Hiroshima and Nigga-saki!"
  • Some of the background signs are particularly funny, which advertise ghetto-themed fictitious products. Some particularly funny ones are "Black to the Hood: Pt. 6", "Gang Fighter II" and "Robo Pimp" (with the taglines "He's black on duty" and "Coming soon, so y'all bitches better have my money") as well as "Weedies cereal."
  • Granny and the other woman in church get the "Holy Ghost", which turns into a dance-off.
  • Ashtray tells Loc Dog that Dashiki is pregnant(again). The cook at the restaurant suddenly gets nervous, then relieved when Ashtray says it's his. When Ashtray says he was the only guy she'd been with in the past twenty minutes, the cook checks his watch and silently cheers again.