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From Comic Canon
  • A running line is Matt summing up how crazy the "Man Without Fear" moniker is.
    Matt: If I could see what I was doing, I'd be terrified.
  • One issue has Matt on a rooftop, leaping off to land on a flagpole, using it to bounce up and grab the underside of a passing helicopter all to hitch a ride to the courthouse. He muses that it saves time on the subway and "these days, riding the subway is just downright dangerous."
  • Matt, after listening to arguments from Luke Cage, Spider-man and Reed Richards against his taking over Hell's Kitchen, asks the also present Doctor Strange what he thinks. The Doctor gets out "A wise proverb says..." before Matt simply walks away.
  • The saga of Mike Murdock, Daredevil's nonexistent twin brother.
  • During Miller's Gangwar story in the early 80s, DD throws mooks through the front window of Josie's Bar, shattering the glass and pissing off Josie. Three times.
    • Drinking a glass of milk at the bar counts, too.
    • Issue #185. All of it. Foggy Nelson playing private eye (and outwitting The Kingpin) really shouldn't work, but somehow, it does.
  • DD taking on the Absorbing Man in issue #360:
    Matt's narration: Creel's one of the most powerful beings on Earth, but then I've fought the Hulk and Namor. I didn't really win those fights, but it's the thought that counts. And right now I'm thinking: I didn't really win those fights! What am I thinking?!?
  • In an old issue, Hawkeye, who at this point is unaware of DD's handicap, is berating Black Widow, Daredevil sticks up for her and this exchange occurs:
    Daredevil: Cool it, William Tell. Can't you see you're upsetting the lady?
    Hawkeye: My eyes are as good as yours, Fearless.
    Daredevil: I'll just bet they are.
  • In another issue, back when his blindness was a secret, Hawkeye attempted to use a phosphorus arrow to blind him. Daredevil doesn't react until he notices Hawkeye's confusion, then he proceeds to overact the pain he's supposed to be in. Caption boxes notes that overacting is just a trait of his.
  • At one point when teaming up with Spider-Man, Daredevil is grabbed by a villain called Blindside, who uses chemicals in his gloves to make his victims completely blind. After announcing that he has just used these chemicals on Daredevil to everyone in the vicinity, Spider-Man comments that this just isn't Blindside's day as Daredevil beats the everloving shit out of him.
  • In the back-up story of the first issue of Mark Waid's run, Matt is disturbed by a loud "CRONCH" sound. He discovers that it's Foggy eating snack-food very, very loudly. The sound effect is even colored orange like the food. The subsequent "Foggy losing weight" subplot is also very funny.
    • Matt explains Foggy's name: it's not because of any insult to his intelligence since Foggy is a legitimately smart lawyer, but because his snoring and poor hygiene was absolute hell on Matt's heightened senses. The full name is "Foghorn Nelson."
  • There are many amusing interactions between Matt and assorted villains after the press "outs" him, but the one with Stilt-Man may take the cake. He arrives to give Matt his armor, and winds up giving a long rant and storming out as Matt calmly watches.
    Stilt-Man: ...You are all CRAZY and I am LEAVING!!!
    Matt: Hey Foggy...wanna be the new Stilt-Man?
    Foggy: Pfft. I'd rather be the new Rocket Raccoon....
  • No need for context, the quote does it:
    Matt: Oh, no. Six armed mercs with night-vision goggles. What will I do? [Flips lightswitch]

The Movie
  • In the film, Matt asks for honey for his tea, and Foggy (intentionally) gives him mustard instead. When Foggy is distracted by something, Matt switches their drinks and Foggy ends up drinking the mustard in a Funny Background Event.
    • serves as a Call-Back, both funny and sad as Matt mourns Elektra, Foggy and him drop their comedic banter. When Matt leaves, he checks his coffee to make sure Matt didn't put mustard in it.