Funny / Dark Reign

  • The way Hercules defeated Sentry.
  • At one point Spider-Man manages to get into Norman's stronghold and download some crucial information, but as soon as he's done downloading what he needs off of Norman's computers, in comes Norman. How does he get away?
    Spider-Man: Ahhhh—-LOOK! NAKED BELGIANS!
  • Also, She-Hulk vs. Sentry.
    "Nobody underhands me like a lawn dart into New Jersey. You hear me, Reynolds? Nobody!"
  • Bullseye hitting Venom's eye with a dog.
  • Spider-Man trying to convince Luke Cage he's not trying to steal his wife from him.
    Spidey: But you and Iron Fist broke up, right? Because I would totally try this one.
  • Deadpool being teleported to A.I.M. headquarters. He decides his entry wasn't badass enough, so he poofs out and comes back again.
  • In the Young Avengers tie-in, Mad Artist Coat of Arms tells a story of how she met Norman Osborn, her favorite supervillain, and how thrilled she was that he was trying to manipulate her. Cue Stunned Silence from the Young Avengers.
    • The end of the Young Avengers tie-in involves a Super-Deformed Coat of Arms and Green Goblin doing a dance number together, topped off with Coat of Arms waking up and saying "Well, at least I got to dream it."
  • Norman gets one at the end of the series: after suffering a humiliating and complete defeat he is stuck, alone with a nightmarish Green Goblin specter and instead of showing the fear and anxiety he had towards the personality all throughout the event, he stoically looks it in its burning eyes and says almost annoyed, "Leave me alone." The Goblin's response? "I can't! I'm trapped in here!" Cue Evil Laugh echoing in Osborn's head.