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Fridge: Daredevil
  • Fridge Brilliance: In the film, I thought it was weird that Murdock turned his stereo all the way up when he was getting ready in the morning. I figured, with his sensative ears, wouldn't that hurt? Then I remembered, he sees via sound. He wasn't just putting on music to wake himself up, he was effectively turning on the lights. - Mr Death
  • One of the accepted flaws in the film is the soundtrack which promoted groups and was very loud during the whole movie leaving little to no moment of silence, then it hit me - it's actually a device to make you feel a little like the character in a world full of disturbing sounds! -Tropers/J.Griv.
  • Fridge Logic: Early on, it's established that Matt can only sleep in a sensory deprivation tank because his powers make him extra-sensitive to sound. But after his sex scene with Elektra, we see him sleeping soundly in her bed with no difficulty. Then again, having Matt sleeping under silk sheets with a naked Jennifer Garner by his side is a lot more effective than having him alone in a cramped water tank.
    • Maybe the sex wore him out to the point where he was able to sleep soundly despite his sensitivity.
    • They never said that he can ONLY sleep in the tank, just that he does so. Maybe he's capable of sleeping in a normal bed but finds it much less comfortable.
    • Here's one for the entire Daredevil franchise - resorting to vigilantism is an obvious a Take That at the corrupt justice system, but in a different context it makes Matt Murdock look like a pretty crappy lawyer...
      • Or simply a noble lawyer who has the odds stacked against him. Remember, the crooks Matt attempts to prosecute are often very well-connected, and seem to be able to buy off the judges/juries very frequently. Thus, up against a justice system that's been perverted, Matt Murdock has no choice but to use his abilities for vigilantism if he expects to see justice done.
      • This is actually brought up after he's been outed during Bendis' run. It's said that he'd get in huge trouble for all the times he interfered with his own cases.
      • Matt's a defense attorney, not a prosecutor. He's the guy who defends people accused of a crime in court. And he generally seems to work lawsuit cases more often than criminal defense cases. So his being a super hero has nothing to do with him seeking justice against criminals he failed to put away in court. That's not what his job is.
  • Fridge Horror: Matt is blind, but his other senses are amplified. Being beaten by the Kingpin is very painful. Now imagine how it feels if your sense of pain is amplified.
    • What. His other senses that were amplified were touch, taste, hearing and scent.
      • It is said that his other senses are amplified and it was never specified that it's just those four. His other senses (pain, termoreception, knowledge about the position of his body parts and balance) could have been amplified as well. While balance would be very useful, pain could cause some troubles. However, his training probably helps him suppress the pain.

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