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Funny: Conan the Destroyer
  • "Perhaps they mean to capture us and torture us to death."
  • Conan notices the same camel he punched in the first film and tries to apologize. The camel decides to get even instead. Conan then proceeds to do the same.
  • While Conan is fighting the wizard, Malak asks Akiro to get the mirror door open. And Malak is less than pleased with the wizard's lack of progress.
    "A fine magician you are! Go back to juggling apples!"
    • Best part of the scene is when Akiro spits in his hands and rubs them together before he tries again.
  • The night after the battle with the Wizard has Conan drunkenly declaring his devotion to Valeria and claiming that Zula's staff is not a real weapon, but a "toothpick".
  • "What does it matter whose brother's sister's cousin it is!? What difference does it make!?"note 
  • The Princess asking around for sex advice. Malak is too flustered to give any—any that makes sense, anyway. Zula's? "Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrab him! And take him!"
  • Zula freaking out a rat and the look she gives the others as it goes away.
    • Not to mention the looks the others give her; Conan, in particular, is shaking his head.
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